Hello world!

Honda VFR, touring near Queenstown, New Zealand

“Hello World.” It seems the natural thing to call a coding and travel blog.

My name is David. I’m taking time out from a busy life as a freelance programmer in London, and at a time when Britain is deciding whether to stay or leave the EU, I am motorcycling across Europe to Berlin.

I’m taking time out from London’s hectic daily grind, but it’s partly about adventure too. I love cities and their vibe; the culture, the life, the things to see and do and especially – the food. The plan is to stop a few places, visit friends en route, before eventually reaching Berlin.

Once in Berlin I plan to stay a month or two. I’ll be working on a few personal projects, checking out the tech/start up scene, getting a flavour of life the city and attempting to learn some German! I’m also going to update a few tech skills and blog about some of my work and travels.

This isn’t my first trip. I have backpacked through south east Asia, lived in New York, motorbiked the north and south islands of New Zealand, and as a kid travelled to Central and South America. These were much more “see the sights” sort of journeys; this time I aim to stay in one place long enough to get a feel for life there.

And in case you haven’t guessed, I am a definite #Bremain the UK European Referendum.

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