David Reynolds, Copenhagen

About Me

My name is David. Just before Britain decided whether to stay or leave the EU, I took time out from my London freelancing for motorcycling trip across Europe to Berlin, travelling through France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. I am still there!

And in case you haven’t guessed, I was a definite #remain in the UK European Referendum.

The details

The tech: I have been building websites and programming since my first web page many years ago. For those in the know, backend stuff is mostly C#, Asp.net, MVC, SQL Server, Entity Framework, CMS’s such as Umbraco and Episerver. Front end development is all the usual HTML, CSS and JavaScript, plus now Angular, TypeScript and other JS frameworks. I also keep busy with new tech in my spare time, current interests are Node.js, MongoDB and Cloud technologies. I have worked mostly for creative/digital agencies and startups. Sometimes it’s Content Managed sites, sometimes corporate systems and Ecommerce. Sometimes it’s troubleshooting and pulling the whole backend/frontend project together. It’s busy and can be pressured, but it’s challenging and fun and I get to work with great people.

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The motorcycle: I have a love of Honda VFR800s. I have owned two, I’d say they’re amongst the finest bikes ever. Currently I have a Honda VFR800fi 5th generation model which I have owned since almost new. I have also owned Honda VFR800 V-Tech, bought in New Zealand, putting in many miles on a tour of the north and south islands. It’s my current 5th generation fi bike that has always been the favourite.